save the date: CLAY VOICES Season 2


Last year in June, CLAY Voices on Instagram, Canadian Ceramics Symposium was born in the middle of a global pandemic. This initiative was -and still is a response to the uncertainty we all artists were facing and its impact in our practice and our daily lives. The goal was to connect ceramic artists across Canada during the lockdown. The enthusiastic response revealed how much we miss our people.

Back then, 17 artists were interacting through Instagram during a weekend, introducing themselves and sharing views, concerns and supportive messages. Several months later restrictions are still in place and the second edition of CLAY Voices is taking over Instagram once again.

This coming weekend of March 5-7, an amazing lineup of ceramic artists across Canada will be live-streaming on Instagram 55 min. each. Through informal presentations, up-and-coming artists and established potters and sculptors will connect with the ceramics community. Using a mobile phone connected to the internet we will be watching the live talks from Alison Brannen, Catharina Goldnau,

Chris Snedden; Christy Chor, Dianne Lee, Heidi McKenzie and Tanya Besedina (ON); Jay Kimball (SK), Jordan Munro (AL); Lisa Creskey from Québec and Toni Losey from Nova Scotia. Presenters will open their studios and hearts to share with CLAY Voices followers some of the strategies they have set in place lately to keep their practice alive. To know more, follow @clayvoices and stay tuned.

Let’s connect, hear new voices and get inspired!

movie day: Beth Katleman

What if a period room exposed a collector’s transgressions instead of burnishing their reputation? In the RISD Museum’s decorative arts wing, artist Beth Katleman has created a lavish porcelain room that tells the story of a disgraced antiquarian. The room is comprised of nearly 10,000 cast and handmade porcelain figurines, corporate mascots, and other pop culture icons. Katleman also created a short film called, “The Pleasures of Ownership,” in which two “citizen experts” lead a tour of the room, dropping hints about past indiscretions along the way.

call for artists: Michael Miller Scholarship Fund

Deadline March 30, 2021

The purpose of the scholarship is to advance and encourage residency opportunities for artists in printmaking, drawing, filmmaking/videography, painting, and ceramics.

What the scholarship covers:

  • Award: Two-week residency and lodging for 14 days and some supplies (see below).

  • Eligible candidates are artists over 18 years old.

  • Artists concentrating in printmaking will be given precedence by the reviewers. Painters, ceramists and filmmakers/videographers are encouraged to apply for this award also. Scholarships will be granted on quality and content of the artwork, intended project and artist statements.

  • Media that is eligible to be considered for this award:

1.     Print Media – All types will be considered but SkopArt does not have the facilities for lithography or screen-printing.*

2.     Painting of any media, on any surface (may be combined with print media). 

3.     Book Art, film/video animation (may be combined with print media).

4.     Ceramics.*

What the scholarship does not cover:

  • Travel costs and meals (food and drink).

  • Some supplies depending on the requirement of the artist (see below).

*If an artist would like to utilize the printmaking or ceramics facilities, they must have adequate experience in the medium.

The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts has some supplies in ceramics, printmaking and painting. If you plan on making videos or films, you must bring your own equipment. Be aware that certain items based on your medium are not included. We have some water-based printmaking inks, oil-based printmaking inks, low-fire ceramics and some acrylic and oil paints. When you have been informed that you are a grant recipient, we will further discuss your needs.


Full information about The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts can be found HERE.

introducing: Shape Theory Collective

“Throughout time, art has been related to the muses, spirits, and something as close as possible to true inspiration. Art is connected to something much greater than just an object, but to something central to who we are.”

Shape Theory Collective; an online marketplace featuring unique works by curated international artists. As makers in the humanities, we all share the common goal of shaping the future we want to see. This includes easing the inequities from the war on drugs experienced by communities of color.

It is a collective conversation and we are beginning our steps to help.

In support of this goal, 5% of all proceeds will go to Last Prisoner Project, a well-established non-profit for representing the 40,000 people still incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis offenses. Additional proceeds will be put to growing our own in-house initiatives.

To learn more and view our very first works by Sam Chung, Nikki Blair, Syd Carpenter, Joann Quinones, Salvador Jimenez Flores, Richard James, Candice Methe and Adrian Arleo check us out at

To follow along for updates on new work and new artists follow on instagram.