Porcelain Clothes by Li Xiaofeng

Scott Rench of Yosoh just posted the work of Li Xiaofeng on facebook and I didn’t want you to miss out so I’m posting a link to this amazing work here. There is a great interview and tons of pictures of this great work.

I particularly like the following:
“How long did it take you to create the LACOSTE Porcelain Polo sculpture? How many shards did you use ?
It took me over three months to create the piece for LACOSTE. I used over three hundred shard pieces! I was trained as an oil painter. When an artist finishes a painting, no one ever calculates how many brush strokes or how much paint was used. As long as you reach the ideal effect, it’s fine. This has become one of my habits.”

So true. People always seem to ask ridiculous process questions when it comes to ceramics as though that would be what would validate the work. Anyway read the full interview for yourself here or visit his website here.

Oh and while your at it you might as well check out the cool work of Scott Rench too!


Instructor: Sharon Moore-Foster
July 12 to July 16, 2010
Experience Level: all skill levels welcome
Course Fee: $525 + $26.25 GST
Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm, Room 954
Working from a model, you will learn techniques to accurately create figurative sculpture. You will begin by creating gestural clay pieces from short poses, to help you develop an eye for the “life and breath” that makes figurative sculpture such an inviting challenge. Longer poses will follow, with directed observation of anatomy, proportion, sculptural shape, and balance will allow you to create more detailed pieces. Throughout the week you will experience drawing for sculpture and receive individual guidance on form and expression, sculptural dynamics, surface handling and closure of your pieces. Red Deer College