movie day: 360 degree Projection Mapping – Exploring Pueblo Pottery

Our new Exploring Pueblo Pottery project uses cutting-edge technology and captivating experience design to shine new light onto ancient motifs. We worked closely with UNM instructor and potter Clarence Cruz and Acoma artist Michelle Lowden of Milo Creations to design an experience that allows visitors to investigate these intricate designs, discover how they highlight important elements of pueblo life, and learn about the art, history, and culture behind their creation.

A 360 degree projection-mapping system is at the heart of this captivating experience. Projected designs are animated onto an oversized white olla, or water pot, by 4 overhead projectors. Visitors may select designs by using an application on a ultra-wide 34” touch display to project patterns and designs, in real time, on the body and neck of the large pot.

Ideum developed both the custom hardware and software on the visitor-controlled kiosk. To learn more about our experiential projects, visit our portfolio at: