Upcoming workshop: Ceramic Boundaries Opened

Mt. Vernon, Illinois
October 23–25, 2015
Here are some of the creative skills that will be covered at this conference:
  • Shift gears to get out of a creative rut
  • Simplify your approach and get to the essence of your work
  • Tap into tradition for what resonates with your passion
  • Get specific about what you need and what you don’t
  • Bring it all together for something that is truly your own

Full details and registration here.

monday morning eye candy: Mickey Walsh and Ayumi Horie

Today’s eye candy is a collaboration between two amazing artists: Mickey Walsh and Ayumi Horie.
I was too slow sadly this morning to get my hands on one during Ayumi’s online sale. But we can at least enjoy them in pictures.

I love seeing great collaborations come together! Do you have any suggestions of artists who you’ve seen make great work together?


NAKED CRAFT Symposium Tomorrow!


is significant to Canadian culture; historically, socially, culturally
and economically having the ability to unify and connect diverse
cultures, ethnicities and ways of life. Many people define craft
differently and consequently the term has a wide range of meanings and
values within contemporary society. We all have a connection to craft in
some way, through the products we consume, through the cultural
traditions passed down from generation to generation or through the
items and objects we encounter on a daily basis.  What draws people to
contemporary craft is authenticity, originality, creativity and the
tangible experience of an object that creates meaning and value beyond
its’ physical form.

Naked Craft Network is an international research project that brings
together the best of contemporary Canadian and Scottish craft.

Craft is designed to be playful in how it engages a public audience; at
a time in popular culture when the words “handcrafted” and “artisanal”
are the “it” words of marketing houses, attention must be redirected
back to craft itself. Craft is a sexy word, and Naked Craft intends to
show the viewer just how sexy craft itself can be. Naked Craft examines
craft practice through the four main themes: New Positions; Down and
Dirty: politics and materials; DIY; and Tooling up: new technologies and

Craft looks to contribute towards a better understanding of continuity
and change within the discipline. It is evident that despite the
cultural diversity and obstacles that influence craft making in Canada,
in Scotland, and around the world, there are many similarities and
shared values that influence the craft sector. In Canada we’re putting
forth a concerted effort toward public outreach and new ways of
presenting craft to audiences as diverse as the communities of craft
makers whom we support. With an increase in the awareness of
contemporary craft and an understanding of its value, comes the
potential of increased sales, consumption, recognition and promotion for
both makers and their objects. As such, both the individuals creating
craft as well as those consuming it are rewarded with culturally
enriching experiences, which support the local economy and encourage a
focus on high-quality craft objects that are lasting and well made. 

Naked Craft has spanned almost four years of research in two countries
and includes two workshop/residencies, three symposiums, a touring
exhibition and a publication. The NCN is interested in broadly
developing a better understanding of the relationships between the
identities that are inherently attributed to geopolitical regions of
practice, and the reciprocal role that the material production of craft
plays in building, maintaining and disseminating these identities in a
global arena of commerce and culture in the future. ” – via Naked Craft Website


Naked Craft Symposium brings together makers, researches, and the
general public to discuss the themes explored throughout the Naked Craft
project, and to look forward at the future for craft.

 The symposium will take place at the Art Gallery of Burlington on Saturday June 27, 2015.

Member Registration: Symposium & Lunch $75.00 (Art Gallery of Burlington and Craft Ontario members)
Regular Registration: Symposium & Lunch $85.00
Student Registration: Symposium & Lunch $45.00

Registration online: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/naked-craft-symposium-tickets-16144778467
Registration by phone: Heather at 905-632-7796 ext 307
Information: Denis at 905-632-7796 ext 303

Find the full schedule here