Call for submissions : Winifred Shantz Award

NEW DEADLINE: received by June 30, 2010 by 5pm
SEND TO: Robert Achtemichuk,
Director Winifred Shantz Award for Ceramics
Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery
25 Caroline Street North
Waterloo, ON N2L 2Y5
519.746.1882, ext. 231 AWARD GALA: September 16, 2010 The Winifred Shantz Award for Ceramics is a national award for ceramic artists and potters. Thanks to the ongoing partnership with Mrs. Winifred Shantz and the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, the award is presented to a practicing early career artist who has been working professionally for between 5 to 10 years. The Award is intended to allow the artist to undertake a period of independent research or other activities with the capacity to advance their artistic and professional practice at a key moment in the artist’s career. The winner of the Winifred Shantz Award for Ceramics receives $10,000. The selection panel is comprised of experienced contemporary ceramic artists, potters and curators. This jury will choose one winner and the results will be announced at a gala event on September 16, 2010. This award will be presented and announced at the same time as the winner for the RBC Award for Glass.
All of the Winifred Shantz Award winners to date have represented the remarkable practices that make up contemporary ceramic art. Previous winners include: Jasna Sokolovic (2009), Kasia Piech (2008), Rory MacDonald (2007), Ying-Yueh Chuang (2006), Kate Hyde (2005), Joan Bruneau (2004), Marc Vincent Egan (2003), Laurent Craste (2002), Susan Collett (2001) ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA
To apply to the Winifred Shantz Award, you must be a Canadian citizen or have Permanent Resident status, as defined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You must also meet the definition of a professional artist, which is an artist who:
-has developed skills through training and/or practice in the field (not necessarily in academic institutions)
-is recognized as such by artists working in the same artistic tradition
-has a history of public presentation or publication, and
-seeks payment for her or his work and actively practises his or her art (short breaks in artistic work history are allowed).

Applicants must have maintained an independent professional practice for at least five to a maximum of ten years prior to the date of application. -Students are not eligible

The Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery and the Winifred Shantz Award for Ceramics is accessible to Aboriginal artists and artists of diverse cultural and regional communities of Canada. ELIGIBLE PROJECTS (Activities may be combined, and are to take place within a period of one year. Project duration is dependent on applicant’s needs and proposal.)
-travelling for career development
-connecting with mentors
-visiting other studios
-studying museum collections
-investigating kiln sites
-liaising with industry to perform research that will further in-studio production
-participating in national/international residencies or symposia

Not Eligible: tuition fees SUPPORT MATERIAL (include one hard copy of all requested texts with your application and include a copy of all texts in digital format with the images on the CD-ROM)
1. PROJECT PROPOSAL (maximum 1 page) A single page outlining how the award will be used: a proposal of the research program and its intended relevance to the applicant’s future work.
2. CURRICULUM VITAE (maximum 2 pages) Please include the following information: -professional training (educational background, mentors, workshops, etc.)
-exhibition or public presentation history (including the dates, titles, names and locations of galleries or place of presentation, whether solo or group shows)
-collections: public, corporate and private
-bibliography of critical reviews of your work
-prizes, awards and other grants
-other activities related to your practice.
3. IMAGE LIST -List must follow titles of each image as identified in the CD-ROM
4. IMAGES -Fifteen (15) digital still images on one CD-ROM (35 mm slides are no longer accepted)
-present your works chronologically, from the oldest to the most recent work -some of the digital images can provide an installation or exhibition view, giving an idea of the dimensions of the work relative to the space (if applicable)
-title each file (image) with a number, your initials, the year and title of your work. Ensure that the numbers for the first nine images begin with a zero (for example: 01initialsyeartitle.jpg, 02initialsyeartitle.jpg) SPECIFICATIONS Submit jpg files only Submit files at a resolution of 72 dpi only
Submit files of a maximum of 1024 x 768 pixels (height must not exceed 768 pixels)
Submit files of 1 MB maximum
Don’t submit any type of presentation (such as PowerPoint)
Don’t submit compressed files (WinZip, Stuffit, etc.)
Don’t include hyperlinks to Internet sites with your images
Don’t submit material that requires software, plug-ins, extensions or other executables that need to be downloaded or installed Don’t submit any files by email Test your material before submission to ensure that it is formatted correctly. It is your responsibility to ensure that all material reaches the Gallery in a readable format.

ADDITIONAL REQUIRED SUPPORT MATERIAL You will need to submit a letter of confirmation and profile of host institution, documents outlining itinerary, as well as confirmation from mentors or industrial partners and disclosure of the terms of agreement between partners and the recipient.

FINAL REPORT A final illustrated report is to be submitted summarizing the benefits received from the award, no later than 18 months after the award is granted.

You must send all required support material in one package. An application that does not include all required support material will be considered incomplete, and will be withdrawn from the competition. All submissions will be kept on file at the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery’s Artists’ Registry for archival purposes and cannot be returned.

Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery
25 Caroline Street North,
Waterloo, ON
N2L 2Y5 519.746.1882
Fax 519.746.6396



As part of our efforts to stimulate artistic research, we are inviting proposals for six commissioned works of art. We invite artists from all disciplines to submit proposals. The works of art should question and explore the relationship between the maker, the viewer and the status of the art object. The starting point for this research is the artistic legacy of Jean Tinguely’s Métamatics, a series of sculptural machines capable of producing works of art. An international jury of experts will make a selection from the proposals after the deadline on 1 September 2010. The six successful applicants will receive a commission to execute their proposals. To be part of this extraordinary initiative, do the following:

  • Read the Brochure
  • Gather the required material for your application, including the Application Form
  • Upload your entry to our server
    Entries should be submitted before 1 June 2010, by uploading them to our server. Follow the link below to gain access to our server. Go to server

The Métamatic Research Initiative’s aim is to promote research on the topic of authorship and authenticity in artistic processes whereby both viewers and objects play a decisive role in the creation of the work. At the same time the Initiative strives to promote research that places Tinguely within his historical and the contemporary context. The Métamatic Research Initiative plans to develop a wide range of activities to achieve its aims, both in artistic and academic fields. The goal is to produce a number of seminal works of art and groundbreaking academic research, both dealing with the issue of authorship, as well as the role of the object and of the viewer in contemporary art. We hope that this will ultimately lead to a better understanding of the importance of the Métamatic works, and bring about a lively exchange on the topic of authorship and artistic authenticity.