When blogging worlds collide…

There is so much to talk about this week I hardly know where to start and hopefully I won’t forget any details. To begin with, yesturday was the install day for my exhibition here in Saskatoon (woohoo hometown show!) with Robin Lambert and Jody Greenman-Barber. You’ll likely remember Robin from my tales of the residency at Medalta this summer. We both spent the month working on this exhibition in studios side by side and blogging the process simultaneously. A curious process indeed. Very public…very vulnerable.

I’ve long wanted to show with these two artist so yesturday was a very exciting day indeed. The show boasts three very different bodies of work, each in their own way exploring the current climate of craft practice, technique and installation. I think it came together quite well despite my initial fears that the install of three such different styles within one space would be problematic and disjointed.

But i reckon the install was a success and as always for a stay at home mom, a day out and about with a fellow artist, chatting about art and even getting to eat lunch in an old favorite pub was quite the treat.

Here’s some of the work in progress at the end. Days of glueing out enjoying the beautiful fall we’re having here lately.

Contemplative Robin with some of his work.

A gallery shot, i’ll show some better ones once the show is lit properly.

Some of Jody’s incredible dancing pots.

But this isn’t the only instance of blogs colliding this week. I am also very pleased to announce the opening of the Clay and Blogs exhibition I was invited to participate in.
From the Website:

“Clay and Blogs: Telling a Story

Curated by Meredith Heywood of Whynot Pottery
Take a glimpse into a unique community of 50 working potters who are separated by distance, but brought together through the common language of clay and the written word in a digital world. These potters share their lives, skills, thoughts, triumphs and defeats through an on-line medium called a blog or web log. Plan to join us for an exciting show in October as we bring their diverse styles of individual work together. For a list of the potters and their blogs, scroll down. In addition, most of the Clay and Blogs potters are offering a piece for sale exclusively online. Click here to view our very first online gallery. Opening Reception: Friday, October 1, 2010, 6 to 8 p.m.
Exhibition Dates: October 1-29, 2010
Weekday Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Online Gallery Dates: September 1-October 29, 2010 Online Gallery Hours: Everyday, All day.”If you go to the website (here) you’ll find a comprehensive list of the participating artists plus links to each of their blogs. So many amazing artists…Meredith in particular has just been amazing organizing all of this, so if you live anywhere nearby please do take the time to go and check out the show. I sooo wish I could be there. So many bloggers out there become good friends through the sharing of their lives, art, practice with others. Would be an honor to meet them in person.
Here’s some images of the pieces I sent:
Okay that’s enough for now. Back to the studio, but more news to come…

Monday Morning eye candy – Fausto Salvi

This happens to me too often with Monday eye candy, I find an incredible artist to share with you and the wealth of images to chose from is just to hard to narrow down. Today is a perfect example. Fausto Salvi’s work is exquisitely rendered, playful, engaging, and varied. His practice could not be summed up in one image, so here are a few for you to enjoy.

Find out more about Fausto Salvi here.

Want to be a part of Monday Morning eye candy? Just drop me a line and a website link to images at [email protected]