movie day: Masterclass with Ruthanne Tudball

‘I make every element wet on my momentum wheel using very soft clay, then assemble the pot while still on the wheel. I like using soda glazing to achieve an effect that I believe expresses both the creative spirit of clay and my connection to the physical elements.’

In this film, potter Ruthanne Tudball discusses the processes and ideas behind her distinctive soda-glazed teapots.

Discover more inside Ceramic Review issue 290, which features Ruthanne’s full step-by-step masterclass. You can order current and back issues of the magazine from

Film by Layton Thompson for Ceramic Review.

monday morning eye candy: Marianne Chénard

“My interest for the history of Ceramics and its industrialization gave life to my Remade/Refabriqué au Canada series. I use antique porcelain tableware imported from England that was long perceived as a luxury and a sign of sophistication. I integrate a typically Canadian imagery to the original motifs found on the pottery whilst adding a personal touch to them. A little in the way of the graffiti artists who appropriate the public space, I also play with contrasts by appropriating images already known to me and then divert them from their original sense. This interpretation work gives way to singular pieces that clearly situate themselves as contemporary through their aesthetical qualities. I play with the appropriation of known images and their re-contextualization as a way to divert from their original sense and to surprise and challenge the viewer.”

residency opportunity: Salt Spring Arts Council

The Salt Spring Arts Council (SSAC) and the Artist in Residence steering committee are pleased to announce the third year of the Artist in Residence (AiR) Program on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

The Artist in Residence (AiR) Program provides an opportunity for artists to work in the vibrant arts environment of Salt Spring Island. The program is open to all Canadian professionals working in the arts, in any genre or medium, at any stage of their careers. AiR encourages applications from artists of diverse cultural and regional backgrounds. The intent of the program is to provides the time and space for creativity and productivity and introduces visiting artists to Salt Spring Island and its arts community.

Residencies are awarded based on available facilities, potential links to the Salt Spring community, collaborative opportunities and artistic merit. 

In the last two years AiR has welcomed Canadian artists living as far away as Thailand and from as close by as Victoria. Their projects have been equally wide ranging and have involved explorations of photography, printmaking, sculpture, painting, beading and curatorial studies. They have shared their work through presentations, workshops, demonstrations and exhibits, enriching our island with their work and ideas, interacting with Salt Spring artists and enjoying our unique island life style.

The AiR program invites artists to ‘Come, share the experience” and engage with the creative cultural community of Salt Spring Island.

Within the spirit of this framework, collaborative proposals by members of the Salt Spring arts community which involve off island artists are actively encouraged.

Applications for the AiR program can be submitted on or before May 1st. 2018 for tenure between October 2018 and April 2019. Application information is available at


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114 Rainbow Road, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada V8K 2V5,
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movie day: Jack Sures

“Over the past six decades, Jack Sures has displayed enormous creativity, innovation and technical mastery in Canadian craft… He has greatly influenced Canadian ceramics through his development of and longstanding involvement with the University of Regina’s Ceramics Program, his pedagogical practice and his conceptual engagement with the vessel.”

– Julia Krueger, craft researcher, writer and curator (nominator)

Congrats to Jack Sures – 2018 Saidye Bronfman Award Winner for Excellence in the Fine Crafts