call for entry: Upcoming events @ Clay Arts Vegas

Vegas Nevada’s Clay Arts Vegas is pleased to host “WHAT GOES BUMP IN
THE NIGHT 2016” a national juried art exhibition, June 30 – August 28, 2016
in the Victor F. Keen Gallery, at Clay Arts Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada.
“WHAT GOES BUMP IN THE NIGHT 2016” will feature works created from
mostly (80%) ceramic. Work should focus on the scary, bizarre, creepy,
eerie, dark, unexplained and frightening; Work can be sculptural or
Application Deadline: August 26, 2016
. Participation is open to all artists 18 years of age or older living
in the United States and Canada. Work submitted must be original, must
use clay as the primary material, must specify firing technique(s) and
size, and must have been completed within the last 2 years.
Robert Lawarre III
First Prize $300
Second Prize $100

cup maybe the most intimate of ceramic objects. We caress it in our
hands, raise it to our delicate lips and imbibe the fluid of life. Be
part of our first juried show of 2017 and have your cup seen in Las
Vegas. Tall, small,tea bowl or handle each cup is a work of art created
to entice the soul of the drinker. Guest Juror is Nolan Baumgartner with
CAV’s Peter Jakubowski. Entries need to be received by 12/16/2016. Best of show cash award $200. Show runs February 2 till 26 2017. entry Fee $35 for up to 3 entries $10 additional entries up to five total for prospectus application and payment
Juror Nolan Baumgartner
First Prize $200

            1511 S Main Street | Las Vegas | NV | 89104

technical tuesday: 23 Pottery Tips from A Year of Reading Pottery Blogs

umm there is no way to beat the wonderful compilation of links that the ever amazing Pottery Making Info put together this week so I’m just gonna send you straight over there rather then wasting your time here : )

Clay Bodies @ Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

July 23, 2016 to December 4, 2016
Curator: Sandra Alfoldy

Clay Bodies I is the first of two exhibitions which explore
the complex relationship between clay and bodies, both figurative and
geographical. In this exhibition, clay and its relationship to the human
body is explored through a number of works. These pieces have been
chosen to represent the different ways in which the body can be
expressed through ceramics.

Examples by artists Teresa Bergen, Shary Boyle, Allison Britton,
Michael Flynn, Alma and Ernst Lorenzen, Walter Ostrom, Krystyna Sadowska
and Konrad Sadowski, and Brother Thomas point towards a deeper
understanding of the relationship between the medium of clay and the