The work in this exhibition was drawn from the CERAMIC TOP 40 | 2013  show
held at Red Star Studios in Kansas City, Missouri in 2013, and includes
new work from artists working on the cutting edge of contemporary
ceramics who were featured in the show.

CERAMIC TOP 40 | New & Selected Works, an exhibit of contemporary ceramic art at Gallery 224, Ceramics Program, Office of the Arts at Harvard, features pieces selected from a broad survey of today’s leading ceramic artists. The exhibition was curated by Leslie Ferrin, director of Ferrin Contemporary.

The pieces are new and selected works from the artists featured in
the Ceramic Top 40 | 2013 show, held at Red Star Studios, part of Bleger
Crane Yard Studios in Kansas City, MO. The Harvard exhibition combines
invited and juried submissions representing a range of conceptual,
utilitarian, and sculptural ceramics and seeks to identify artists
working on the cutting edge of current processes, ideas, and
presentation concepts. Both up-and-coming and established artists who
are breaking new ground are included.

MAY 27–AUGUST 16, 2014

Gallery 224, Ceramic Program, Office of the Arts at Harvard
224 Western Avenue, Allston, MA

JUNE 11, 2014

2–5:00 Workshop Demonstration by Lauren Mabry
5–6:00 Curator Lecture by Leslie Ferrin
6–8:00 Opening Reception

Link to Harvard Ceramics for directions and workshop details


Object: Spoon is open!

During a 2013 residency at Medalta in Medicine Hat, Canada, Australian based artist Vipoo Srivilasa was seeking a way to bring fellow artists together. His compulsion for connection with other makers necessitated a simple and effective mechanism, ingeniously Srivilasa chose to invite fellow residents to make a modest, universal object as a way of both getting to know each other and celebrating their shared passion and profession. The object? A spoon!

by the strong sense of collaboration and connection enabled by this
common object Srivilasa quickly realised the potential of the idea and
upon his return to Australia put out an open invitation through his
extensive networks, asking makers to create spoons and to submit digital
images. From 72 submissions (from 16 countries), 25 spoons were
selected by Srivilasa, with advice from Vicki Grima, editor of The
Journal of Australian Ceramics and Leslie Ferrin, curator of Ceramic Top

The final collection, will be presented as a group in Object: Spoon
in the second venue of Ceramic Top 40 | New & Selected Works at
Harvard Ceramics in Allston, Massachusetts, USA.

Generated by his
basic human need for friendship in a new community, Srivilasa has
inspired an international engagement between established and
international ceramicists from 16 countries in this collaboration
This text appears in excerpted form. You can read the entire article in the OBJECT:SPOON story 
by Ramona Barry and Beck Jobson from Hand Made Life Blog 

25 spoons from these 2014 finalists will be on exhibit:
Tinne Maria
Andersen, Marta Armada, Elaine Bolt, Jim Bov’e, Meredith Brickell, Joey
Chiarello, Kris Coad, Rachel Cramer, Sally Curry, Trisha Dean, Carole
Epp, Klaus Gutowski, Evan Hobart, Vanessa Holle, Nayoung Im, Sukumarl
Leksawat, Steven Low and Thai Kwan, Miro Mackiewicz, Fiona McDonald,
Creina Moore, Jo Quirk, Bonnie Smith, Leilani Trinka, Gerry Wedd, Snow

Gerry Wedd


Ceramics Program, Office of the Arts at Harvard
Gallery 224, 224 Western Avenue, Allston, MA
Exhibition: May 27–August 16, 2014
Opening date: May 27, 2014
Exhibition hours: Mon-Fri  10.00 am – 16.00 pm min and by appointment
Other Events: June 11, 2014
2–5:00pm   Workshop Demonstration with artist Lauren Mabry
5–6:00pm   Curator Lecture with Leslie Ferrin
6–8:00pm   Opening Reception