movie day: Mette Maya Gregersen

Ceramic Artist: Mette Maya Gregersen
her website…My work is a way to understand all the different worlds I
inhabit sometimes. I try to draw a connection between my need to travel
and build my house, my absolute freedom and my kids, my past and my

I bring a chaos of thoughts to my workshop and let them loose with lots of clay.
ceramic form evolves intuitively and the dialogue between mind and
matter is so intense my whole body is just a mediator of
negotiations………….I am at peace!

My ceramic work
constantly changes and evolves as I also grow, love and loose. The only
thing that stays constant is the wave, as it reflects the constant
movement we all are part of.
The wave is also my missing link between
the opposites and a way to unite those opposing energies. A journey I
find really interesting, hard, painful, exiting and sometimes tangible.

The Makings IV @ Willock and Sax Gallery


The Makings IV

Ceramics in November

Group Exhibition

on, Saturday, November 2, 3 to 5 pm

The Makings IV continues
our gallery’s annual focus on ceramics.  Once again we offer a wide
variety of sculptural and functional ceramic works from a wide range of
artists from across Alberta and other parts.  Our website and gallery
exhibition will be updated throughout the month, so visit us anytime. 
Some of the participating artists are: Ed Bamiling, Lisa McGrath, Mindy
Andrews, Bradley Keys, Sarah Pike, Robin Dupont, Les Manning, John
Chalke, Barbara Tipton, Emily Schroeder Willis, Ruth Chambers, Sean
Kunz, Do-Hee Sung, Fran Cuyler, Katrina Chaytor, Reed Weir.

Out and About – the mountain tops are white, we have
brilliant blue skies, and everything is just gorgeous.  The clear crisp
air means we hear the Mountain Chickadees, Nuthatches, Blue Jays,
Clark’s Nutcrackers and Ravens more often.

Image: Lisa McGrath, Branching Out, stoneware, decal, hand painted

Willock & Sax Gallery

PO Box 2469, 210 Bear Street

Banff, Alberta T1L 1C2