technical tuesday: Ceramic Guitar Demo – 2 String Pod Chugger CBG

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Facebook page Evolution Stoneware Pottery or email me through my website This is a demo of a ceramic cigar box
style guitar (CBG style) that I made out of stoneware clay. The clay
guitar body & slide were sculpted, fired to 1945F, engobe coloring
was added, and they were fired again to 2232F in 1 of my electric kilns.
The guitar body is modeled on one of my organic seed pod type designs.
The neck is oak. It’s tuned to A, D. This video was made for you by
Janis Wilson Hughes, owner of Evolution Stoneware Pottery.

played this through an outboard piezo preamp box that I built yesterday,
into an effects unit, and into my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe tube amp with a
power soak unit I built years ago. The tune is an improvisation written
by me yesterday.

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monday morning eye candy: Mark Arnold ~ Guest post by Ceramic Artists Now

 Mark Arnold draws inspiration from architecture and abstract expressionism. He infuses these influences into his work in an incredibly simplified manner. Rather than over-complicating the surface and form, he sticks to the basics. Arnold creates utilitarian wares so that each of his pieces has a specific purpose. The color palette is simple and muted, white with one color plus the utilization of the red clay body. Arnold brings out the slightly distressed surfaces, reminiscent of brick, wood, and stone, using a black wash to highlight the “flaws”. His use of architectural forms, color blocking, and subtle texture and line create an experience for the viewer that is guided while remaining quiet enough to allow the viewer to create their own story. 

Arnold used to be a BMX rider that traveled the US. He discovered clay through an injury forcing him to be on crutches for an extended period of time. He began taking community college clay classes and then transferred on to Edinboro University to earn his BFA in ceramics. He is now in his second year of MFA candidacy at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

 Thanks again to our great Guest writers from Ceramics Artists Now. Make
sure to check out their website for more amazing ceramic based artwork.

Ceramic Residency Opportunity: Sonoma Community Center

6 month studio residency in Sonoma California. The next application deadline is May 2.

About the Artist in Residence program at Sonoma Ceramics:
believe that our connection to the community is strengthened by
supplying a venue for talented artists to integrate with, and become
members of the Sonoma community. For six months our Artist in Residence
provides community members and visitors with a fresh perspective.

One Artist in Residence will
be chosen to spend six months living and working at the Sonoma
Community Center. During this time, the Artist in Residence is able to
concentrate on developing a cohesive body of work. While
at Sonoma Community Center, the Artist in Residence is given ample
employment opportunities to teach classes and workshops to community
members of all levels.

to all artists living within the US, the opportunity is designed for
artists dedicated to developing a body of work with a specific purpose
of end goal, culminating in a gallery exhibition at the completion of
the residency.  Includes stipend, furnished apartment and semi-private studio in exchange for 20 hours of work per week.

AGB Artist Residency in Ceramics Call for Applications

The Art Gallery of Burlington is now accepting applications for the Artist Residency in Ceramics.


  •   September 2016 to September 2017

  •   Working days are to be determined to suit both the Gallery’s needs and the

    successful candidate’s other commitments

  •   Stipend: $200 per week (excluding holidays)

  •   The successful candidate will be expected to work as a studio technician for up to 15

    hours per week, not including studio time used for personal explorations

    Suitable Candidates:

  •   Recent graduate in ceramics from a recognized institution or in his/her graduating

    year in a ceramics program at a recognized institution

  •   Possess an interest in arts and craft, and are able to tackle a few projects at once and

    deliver all on time

  •   Self-motivated and able to work in a communal environment


  •   This is a great opportunity for the successful candidate to build their portfolio with

    diverse projects that support our programs including the possibility of exhibition in

    our RBC Community Gallery

  •   The successful candidate will have access to a fully equipped studio including

    potter’s wheels, electric, gas and raku kilns, etc… Tools, clay and glazes are not


  •   The successful candidate will have the opportunity to teach in our community and

    studio programs

  •   The AGB is open some evenings and weekends

  •   The current Ceramics Resident will be available to discuss the residency and their


    To apply, please send a resume and cover letter by May 15, 2016 to:

    Denis Longchamps, Artistic Director & Chief Curator
    Art Gallery of Burlington
    1333 Lakeshore Road
    Burlington, ON L7S 1A9 

    Or by email: [email protected]
    A current portfolio will be required if you are selected for an interview.

About the AGB: The Art Gallery of Burlington is a public art gallery and community art centre
located in the heart of Burlington, Ontario. We stage as many as 20 regional, national and
international exhibitions a year, and are home to the world’s largest collection of Canadian
contemporary ceramics and seven art and fine craft guilds. An interactive and creative space,
we provide art and craft education programs and public tours for people of all ages. Spanning
over 44,000 square feet, our space boasts seven fully equipped studios, three galleries, a one of
a kind gift shop, a sculpture courtyard and year-round conservatory. For more information on
the AGB visit