emerging artist: Gillian Mitchell

Bio – Having art in my life has inspired and shaped who I am today. After receiving my Diploma of Fine Arts from Red Deer College in 2009, I transferred to Alberta College of Art + Design where I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with distinction. Being an artist has inspired me to share my knowledge and become a high school art teacher. I am currently attending the University of Calgary where I will receive a Bachelor of Education specializing in secondary art in 2014.

Fish Huts- This new work explores the idea of introducing one of a kind, handmade art into fish tanks. I love the idea of creating vessels. It gives my work a purpose: the idea of containing something or to hold something. Evolving from vases to sculputres to dishes and now to huts for fish to live in; the continual inspiration is the ocean itself.

Creating ceramic houses, caves, huts, homes and toys for fish has been a fun experiment. The pieces have proven to be super easy to clean, safe for the fish and a different take on art.

If you don’t already have a fish that needs a new hiding place, hopefully these cute huts will inspire you to go adopt a fish.


call for entry (URGENT DEADLINE – Sorry): The 7th Annual International Texas Teapot Tournament

Application deadline: December 1, 2013
Entry Fee: $45 for 2 entries
Location: Texas, Houston
Show Title: The 7th Annual International Texas Teapot Tournament
Show Date: January 11, 2014-November 26, 2014
Open to: all original work, representing teapots, either functional or
sculptural and completed within the last 2 years. Open to all artists
who work in clay. Each piece must be at least 60% fired clay, weigh no
more than 25 lbs. and be no larger than 24 inches in any direction. The
$45 CAMEO membership/entry fee entitles each artist to submit a maximum
of two teapots. Wall work is allowed. Overseas entries are encouraged.
Classification: international exhibitions
Slide / Digital: actual work
Contact details:
18 Hands Gallery
249 W. 19th St.
[email protected]
Phone: 713-869-3099

Don’t forget – Penland Deadline is this Friday!!!

Spring Scholarships 2014
Spring scholarship applications must be received by November 29, 2013.
Work-study scholarships help make Penland
available to a wider range of students. Work-study students receive
room, board, and a discounted tuition. Full work-study students work
20-25 hours per week on a variety of tasks—principally in food service
and dishwashing. Partial work-study students work approximately 10 hours
per week. (No full work-study in glass.) Most positions involve
physical labor, but there are a few which can accommodate physical
limitations. If you have physical limitations, please send a separate
note explaining what kinds of work you are able to do. This will not
factor into selection, but will help us with assignments. In
addition to regular duties, work-study students are required to work
from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on the day before and the day after their
session. If you cannot meet this requirement, do not apply.
Scholarship applications are accepted by mail only.

Your letter should be no longer than two pages and should address the following:
Financial need: why attending Penland would be a financial hardship for you.
Seriousness of intent: your
background and experience in craft, if any (prior experience in craft is
not a requirement). The individual artistic goals that you hope to
pursue in each of the classes you are applying for.
Work ethic: work-study students
have an experience which is different from yet equally valuable to that
of regular students. Do you feel you will benefit from balancing studio
work with physical labor for the school?

You will also need to supply a résumé and two letters of
reference which address your work ethic and your commitment to learning.

There is one work-study position in the
fall and one in the spring for a student who will teach movement and
also do some office and garden work. Your application and resume should
address your qualifications to teach movement.

There is one work-study position in the fall and one in the spring in the development office.
Please do not apply for work-study if you
are applying as a full-paying student. If you are not selected for
work-study, you will have the opportunity to re-apply as a full-paying
student (some workshops may be full at that time). Work-study
applications must be received by November 29, 2013, except for the
special work-study scholarships listed below. Because these are
available for both fall and spring classes, applications for these
scholarships must be received by August 2, 2013.
Work-study students will be notified by December 15, and once accepted will be asked to pay their invoiced balance.
Scholarship applications are accepted by mail only.
International students note: because
the U.S. government considers our work-study scholarship and studio
assistantship programs to be work for hire, students who are not U.S.
citizens may not receive work-study scholarships unless they have a work

Cathi Jefferson at Out Of Hand Artisans Fair

“Jefferson is one of three noted B.C. potter/artists whose work will be
featured in the Out of Hand Artisans Fair this weekend at the Crystal
Garden. The others are Mary Fox of Ladysmith and Gordon Hutchens of
Denman Island.” – Richard Watts, Times Columist

Read the full article here or check out Out of Hand this weekend to see some beautiful Canadian ceramics in person.


The Crystal Gardens
713 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC
[see Google Map]