A Collection of Small Miseries

So at the same time that I began working on the porcelain functional work I was also beginning a new body of figurative sculptural work. In the past I had worked primarily in ceramic installation, creating pieces that were composed of numerous components, some mixed media, mostly clay. But this new work was a drastic re-thinking of scale and approach to sculpture. Obviously strickingly different than the functional work, I’ve often been told that it seems like 2 seperate people made the works, but in my mind they both originated from a similar place. As an artist what I wanted to do was have a conversation with the audience about things that were going on in the world, dialogues of a political and social nature. The sculptural work presents the content of the work in a more obvious manner, while the functional work is a bit more subtle.

I’ve been making functional work off and on since I first began in ceramics back during my undergrad degree. It’s always been the sort of work that I can get lost in, particularly in the process. This porcelain based series I started a few years back while I was doing my masters and i’ve been developing it since. The principle inspiration for the work is the creation of beautiful handmade objects that can act as a resistance to the disposability of mass consumerism. I like to belive that handmade objects are imbued with a value that can have am impact upon the lives of the users. To me the simple appreciation of the objects that I surround myself with, the rich layers of context, process and traditions that they present allows me to greater appreciate life in general.

And so it begins…after many months and hours well wasted deriving inspiration from others in the ceramic art community via their websites and blogs, I felt it time to begin my own. For now just a few images to start things off, but more to come as I work my way around the technology.