Opening tomorrow ~ Liquids Creams & Gels

Please join us for the much anticipated online opening of the Liquids, Creams & Gels Opening February 1, High Noon, Toronto, NYC Time!
“Liquids, Cream and Gels,” as you know, is what they ask you to present while passing through the security line at the airport. Well, we are taking that concept to a whole new level by infusing it with ceramic notions of love and other potions and making it for the basis for a show. The curated online show of Liquids, Creams and Gels shall coincide with the frigid month of February that we North Americans dedicate to the complete range of noble to ignoble notions of amour. This exhibition will be ever-so-loosely centered around the time old tradition of vessel-making and containment that we, as ceramic artists, seem to embrace with open, wet and muddy arms. Beyond that it is our hope that the combined concept of vessel + containment + relationships is taken to a whole new level by the participating artists. There is no safety net or zone here…predictable is not welcome, but subversion is a most welcome entity. It is time to explore galore and push the notion of lotions and potions to the limit and make something that addresses this thing called “amorous” and turn it into something deviously glamorous. So please feel free to liberally apply to your eyeballs and sensory spots, this curated lotion of Canadian Ceramic artists both emerging and established…we’re sure their work will heighten your art viewing experience.


Christopher Reid Flock, Ontario
Sami Tsang, Ontario
Natalie Waddell, Ontario
Jeannie Pappas, Ontario
Andrew Tarrant, Alberta
Kaleb Romano, Alberta
Kaitlyn Brennan, Ontario
Callie Beller, Alberta
Chase Benjamin Plourde, New Brunswick
Amanda Kopas, Ontario
Shaun Peter Mallonga
Kaas Ghanie, Nova Scotia
Julian Covey, Nova Scotia
Carole Epp, Saskatchewan
Kate Grey, Nova Scotia
Pansy Ass Ceramics, Ontario
Ciro di Ruocco, British Columbia
Elsa Brittin, Ontario
Amelia Butcher, British Columbia
Bridget Fairbank, British Columbia, Florida
Dianne Lee, Ontario
Mariko Paterson, Nova Scotia

A most fabulous array of emerging and established Canadian Contemporary Artists await for this, the most frigid but amorous time of the year. You can also follow the show’s evolution via Instagram @liquidscreamsandgels and on our Facebook Page:

Viva Canadian Ceramics!
This exhibition is to be hosted online and in conjunction with the Gynocratic Art Gallery, a fabulously nomadic, Canadian effort directed by Danielle Hogan of Fredericton, New Brunswick and Mariko Paterson of Forage Studios in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


movie day: Marina Bychkova’ Enchanted Dolls

This mini-documentary tells a story of the Canadian artist, Marina Bychkova’s unique enchanted dolls . When she started making her first doll at six year old, she never thought her dolls would sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars 25 years later. “More than mere playthings, Enchanted Dolls are a brand of elegantly sculpted and articulated works of art. Adorned with elaborate costumes and graced with precious gemstones, metals, and rare found objects, each ball-jointed porcelain doll intricately conveys an aspect of our humanity.” – Marina Bychkova

wanna get a sweet deal on The Crafted Dish?

The Crafted Dish is a project brought to you as part of National Clay Week. Each October join NCW in a celebration of Clay in all its forms. Lindsay Oesterritter and Stephen Creech, began in 2015 to outline what would become the annual, National Clay Week. NCW started with the ambition of uniting and supporting communities and celebrating ceramics in all its forms.
Partnering with talented artists and thinkers has allowed NCW to accomplish more than originally imagined. With the initiative of the teams and partnerships, NCW has funded scholarship projects, raised money for charity, provided a resource for educators, brought more attention to what is happening with clay in local communities, and connected those local, grass-roots clay communities to global conversations.
All the artwork, recipes, essays, jurying, graphic design, marketing and support of The Crafted Dish has been donated by the many artists and organizations involved.It is our pleasure to offer this publication as a means to give back to the community. Proceeds from the sale of The Crafted Dish are being donated to The Stop Community Food Centre.
Mission: The Stop strives to increase access to healthy food in a manner that maintains dignity, builds health and community, and challenges inequality. For over 30 years, The Stop Community Food Centre has been at the forefront of dignified, innovative programs that provide access to healthy food; build skills, health, hope, and community; and confront the underlying issues that lead to poverty and hunger. Our wide range of programs include drop-in meals, a food bank, community kitchens and gardens, perinatal and family support, civic engagement, and children and youth engagement.