Treat yourself to a cup a month in 2013

Seth Payne

Be the first to purchase a subscription to Watershed’s 25th Anniversary Cup of the Month Club!

hand-picked artists are making cups for this special collection – each
subscriber will receive one cup each month during 2013. Buy your
subscription now and don’t miss out on the chance to begin, or add to,
your collection with cups made by these nationally recognized artists!
Adler, Victoria Christen, Scott Goldberg, Molly Hatch, Kristen Kieffer,
Leah Leitson, Frank Martin, Seth Payne, Lisa Orr, Diane Rosenmiller,
Jane Shellenbarger & gwendolyn yoppolo.
Only 12 collections available!  One cup from each artist shipped to your door, gift boxed, each month in 2013!
Price: $1200
Call Watershed today to subscribe! 207-882-6075 or email: [email protected]