Laurent Craste @ Art Gallery of Burlington

Craste’s 13 new works examine the notion of aesthetics in the
decorative arts, specifically the shift from ornaments to what is now
seen as the clean aesthetics of design.

About the Artist
Ceramist by trade, Laurent Craste is an internationally renowned visual
artist whose practice focuses on the exploration of the multiple layers
of meaning of decorative objects: ideologically, aesthetically, and
through their sociological and historical dimensions. The porcelain
vase, in particular, has for years been the subject of predilection of
the artist’s work. Laurent Craste appropriates this archetypal figure of
decorative arts, using it as matter, support and playground for his
artistic interventions, in order to create striking formal and
conceptual proposals.

Laurent Craste holds a Master in Visual and Media Arts from UQAM, and
he was awarded numerous prizes and awards during his career. His works
are on display in numerous private and public collections (Montreal
Museum of Fine Arts, the Public Collection of the Department of Foreign
Affairs and International Trade of Canada, The Cirque du Soleil
Collection, etc.).

Image: Laurent Craste, Immolation, 2016