The 3rd and sadly final installment

Ronsdale Press has just published the third book in the series: Craft Perception and Practice: A Canadian Discourse. This third volume is edited by Paula Gustafson, Nisse Gustafson & Amy Gogarty. Sadly we lost Paula Gustafson in 2006, an avid craft promoter through her editorial work with this series as well as Artichoke Magazine. She was described as a craft advocate and activist and we all know that we are often in short supply of those who fight out in the media and the public for greater exposure, excellence and valuing of craft-based practices. Here is a great memorial site with further information on the initiatives she undertook and the impact she had on the Canadian Craft community.

From the Ronsdale Website:

“This third and final volume in the Craft Perception and Practice series features 21 essays and critical commentaries by acclaimed Canadian practitioners, educators and curators, demonstrating the range of critical thought about craft as presented in symposiums, exhibition catalogues and art journals. Over 40 full-colour photographs of works in craft media — including fibre, glass, ceramics, metal, wood and “new materials” — accompany the essays. The texts in this volume explore the conceptual, social and cultural significance of craft practice today, and describe new initiatives in conceptualizing craft practices in contemporary life. Essays by prominent academics and theorists such as Paul Mathieu (2007 Saidye Bronfman Award winner), Sandra Alfoldy, Arlene Oak, and Kirsty Robertson discuss craft in terms of political and social activism, gender theory, semiotics and aesthetics, analyzing shifting boundaries between craft, fine art and design. Artists Mackenzie Frère, Murray Gibson and Ruth Scheuing discuss their own work, providing insight into the relationship between skill, technology, history and personal expression. The diversity of contemporary craft practice is well-represented in essays by Mireille Perron, Shannon Stratton, Glenn Allison and others, whose thoughtful analyses raise challenging questions about craft practice today. Volume III of Craft Perception and Practice substantiates academic advancement of craft curricula and provides an authoritative springboard for debate and discussion among craft practitioners, educators, curators and collectors.”

For ordering information check out the Ronsdale Press Website

Summer workshop courses – Series

Every year Red Deer College host Series, a summer long mix up of workshops by established and knowledgeable artists and instructors on a variety of craft based techniques. This summers’ line up includes some ceramic workshops by Darren Petersen, Juila Reimer, Jim Etzkorn and Joan Irvin (who will be teaching a workshop on fine silver clay) For more information and to register check out the website.

In case you want more conference before the NCECA conference!

I just got the following emailed to me:

Pre-conference before the NCECA 2008 Conference.

WVU NCECA 2008 Pre-conference Bridging the Gap: East Meets West

A Cultural dialog between Chinese and American Artists
March 15-17, 2008.

Bridging the Gap: East Meets West will create a dialog and
exchange of ideas with internationally recognized Chinese and American
Artists. Program includes lectures, demonstrations, wood-kiln firings,
exhibitions, and opening/closing ceremonies. We encourage all
participants to send bisqued work (rated c/9 or higher) for the
wood-kiln firing.

Invited Artists Include: Liu Pinchang, Peoples Republic of China; Li
Chao, Peoples Republic of China; Joe Zeller, Idaho; Josh DeWeese,
Montana; Jennifer Allen, Alaska; Tara Wilson, Ohio; Martin Tagseth,
Canada, Yao Yong Kong, People’s Republic of China; Other Artists TBA.

Costs: $60.00/regular; $35.00/student; Scholarships available for K-12

For more information and registration download please go to the website
or contact:
Bob Anderson, Professor of Art
Shoji Satake, Assistant Professor of Art
Ceramics Area
West Virginia University
College of Creative Arts
Division of Art
Morgantown, WV 26506
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 304-293-4841 ext 3135

Three residency opportunities – NCECA

Deadline February 1st for the 2008 International Residency Program.
Open to all NCECA members.

In 2008, NCECA will support three International Residencies.

1. Berlin, Germany with Zentrum fur Keramik
2. Skaelskor, Denmark with Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center
3. Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, KOKA-City, Japan

There’s a ton more info on the NCECA website with all the application procedures and forms you’ll need.

Pre-registration for this years conference has also begun, hopefully some of you can make it!

Grant opportunity

For all you Canadian craft artists out there don’t forget that Canada Council for the Arts deadline for Assistance to Contemporary Fine Craft Artists and Curators: Project Grants is the 1st of March 2008

Project Grants provide support for research, professional development, production, networking and career development activities for professional artists and curators (for research only) making a contribution to contemporary fine craft. The project must be significant and advance the long-term artistic and/or career development of the applicant at a key moment in their career. There are three types of project grants, as follows:

– Research/Professional Development: This type of grant allows for a period of independent research at a key moment in the artistic practice of the fine craft artist. The project must demonstrate the capacity to advance the artistic practice of the artist The grant also support critics and curators in the research of editorial or curatorial work leading to the production of articles, books and exhibitions in the field of contemporary Canadian craft.

– Production: This grant supports production costs of one or more works where there is at least one confirmed public presentation of the work(s) in a professional context. Production support is also available to assist fine craft artists in the development and fabrication of one or several production-line prototypes. The project must demonstrate the capacity to advance the career of the artist..

– Career Development: This grant supports the advancement of an artist’s career through development of specific tools such as websites and portfolios; career development activities; and/or the growth of a professional network with partners such as critics, curators, art dealers or publishers. The applicant must demonstrate that the project occurs in a key period with regard to its impact on the progression of his or her career.

Check out the Canada Council website for more info – plus you can now fill out the grants online.