International exhibition of contemporary ceramics, 3rd edition

Ceramics Now Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania
Ceramics Now Association • Reg. number 30025775 • Gheorghe Dima 35, ap. 1, Cluj-Napoca 400342, Romania
Contact: Vasi Hîrdo, Curator, 
[email protected], Tel. +4 0748 311 663 •
Ceramics Now Exhibition / Galateea Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
International contemporary ceramics exhibition, 3rd edition
November 8-26, 2012

The international Ceramics Now Exhibition is an itinerary exhibition of contemporary ceramics which presents works of artists that are featured in Ceramics Now Magazine’s platforms or are invited. The exhibition reunites artists from different countries and communities, and facilitates contact between them and the public. Ceramics Now Magazine and Exhibition operate as an exchange platform between artists, galleries, museums, collectors and people passionate about art.
In the context of the globalization of arts and of rapid exchange of information, it is more and more necessary to make a serious coagulation of what is contemporary ceramics. The incorporation of many diverse subjects, working techniques and mediums in creating a ceramic object, are more and more frequent, risking if not counterbalanced, to take this domain back to crafts. The harmony between the compositional elements and concept can be realized through exercise, and this exercise is a reference point for contemporary artists. In creating a contemporary ceramic object, an equilibrium can be reached by those who feel the need to create and who create with depth. Originating either from Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia or America, practice, delicacy and accuracy are characteristics that unite them. The Ceramics Now Exhibition reunites these artists and brings their work together aiming to create an open platform between them and the public. The third edition of our main event will be held between 8-26th of November 2012, at Galateea Gallery, Bucharest, and will present the works of 22 world-renowned contemporary ceramic artists.
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 8, from 6:00 PM.
EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Steve Belz (USA), Gherghina Costea (Romania), Kimberly Cook (USA), Ossama Mahmoud Emam (Egypt), Nato Eristavi (Georgia), Jason Hackett (USA), Teresa and Helena Jané (Portugal), Brian Kakas (USA), Yoichiro Kamei (Japan), Kentaro Kawabata (Japan), Allison Luce (USA), Nicolae Moldovan (Romania), Akio Niisato (Japan), Heide Nonnenmacher (Germany), Szilvia Ortlieb (Austria), Barbara Schmid (Austria), Avital Sheffer (Australia), Suzanne Stumpf (USA), Kouzo Takeuchi (Japan), Shinya Tanoue (Japan), Kwok-Pong Bobby Tso (China), Gavril Zmicală (Romania).
Curator: Vasi Hîrdo
Coordinator: Cristina Popescu Russu
Ceramics Now Magazine is a comprehensive and innovative publication & online art platform specialized in contemporary ceramics. Founded in 2011, the magazine celebrates the creative field of ceramics through publishing interviews, reviews and works of new and world-renowned ceramic artists, and providing information on contemporary ceramic art exhibitions.
Ceramics Now is a Non-profit Association. Our goal is to make contemporary ceramics a more visible art field and to support innovative and diverse ideas or techniques in the field.
Reopened at the initiative of the Romanian Fine Arts Union in December 2011, Galateea Gallery is the first gallery of contemporary ceramics in Romania. The gallery is located on 132 Victory Avenue, Bucharest, and is opened from Monday to Friday between 12 am – 8 pm (Mondays between 11 am – 7 pm). Victory Avenue is the main shopping street in the capital of Romania. 

The third edition of Ceramics Now Exhibition is organized by Ceramics Now Association in partnership with the Romanian Fine Arts Union. The exhibition is promoted by The Embassy of Portugal in Romania.
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