movie day: Ilka Perkins Empowers Through Pottery | Portraits of Radical Generosity

After leaving prison where she was serving a life sentence, Ilka Perkins co-founded a ceramic studio and named it “People’s Pottery Project.” She employs formerly incarcerated women and trans and non-binary individuals, and aims to empower them through meaningful employment and community.

About this Video Series
In response to Cauleen Smith’s explorations of radical generosity and intentional community-building, LACMA invited a few members of various L.A. communities to share stories that speak to the artist’s interests.

Watch the series intro video here:

About Cauleen Smith
Cauleen Smith is a Los Angeles–based interdisciplinary artist whose work reflects upon the everyday possibilities of the imagination. Smith roots her work firmly within the discourse of mid-20th-century experimental film. A traveling solo exhibition of film, video, and installations, Give It or Leave It features a series of experimental portraits of different sites related to spirituality, creativity, and utopianism. Much of the research conducted for Smith’s film projects has taken place in California, on location at Alice Coltrane’s ashram, The Vedantic Center, and in history through a restaging of a photograph of nine dapper black men taken in 1966 at the Watts Towers by Bill Ray. Additional archival research delves into the 19th-century Black spiritualist Rebecca Cox Jackson, who was the Eldress of the first black Shaker community.

Find out more about on the exhibition pages:
Cauleen Smith: Give It or Leave It:
Cauleen Smith: Stars in My Pocket and the Rent is Due:

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technical tuesday: The whole process of making a clay kettle and a stove

This work is exhibited in a special exhibition in Taiwan. “喫茶正好 春天 喫茶去 日本作家茶器聯展” May 9-May 23 @時食商行 (Taipei) [All processes] 00:00 Opening 00:18 Preparation 00:50 Potter’s wheel making of clay kettle 08:34 making of spout and lid 13:32 trimming the clay bottle 18:09 trimming the lid 20:07 Making a “receiver” for the handle 21:22 Adhesion of “spout” and “receiver” 29:35 making of the stove 37:24 trimming of the stove 43:07 Assembling and finishing the stove 50:51 File 53:25 Glaze 53:54 Kiln packing 55:57 Whetstone 56:38 Make a handle 1:01:12 Completion / boiling water —————————- 橋本忍 

Shinobu Hashimoto HP:





DEADLINE THURSDAY! Call for Artists- Cup show

Gulf Coast State College Amelia Center Gallery is hosting its annual juried exhibition that explores the idea of the drinking vessel. The focus of the exhibit is on the function and concept of the drinking vessel, including its relation to history, politics, craft, technology, utility, and narrative. It is a survey of the wide variety of approaches to contemporary ceramics through the lens of the most intimate and accessible vessel – the cup. Juried by Molly Anne Bishop.


direct link for submissions: