monday morning eye candy: Renee LoPresti

ceramic art is an exploration of imagery, color, and pattern on
utilitarian forms designed for daily use. The vessels are adorned with
decorative surfaces; layered slips and underglazes that are hand
painted, slip trailed, and incised. I have an affinity for using imagery
that is both accessible and ephemeral in nature; intended so that the
user can create their own personal connections with the piece in a
similar but distinct way, parallel to what was felt while making the
piece. I work with a locally supplied iron-bearing stoneware clay which
provides a warm, rust colored backdrop against the colorful graphic
surface, and fire to cone 5 in an electric kiln. I graduated from Alfred
University in 2009 with a BFA, and am currently a studio potter in
residence at Eye of the Dog Art Center in San Marcos, TX.

7th Triennial Canadian Clay Symposium

R:evolution – tradition – technology
Saturday, March 18th, 2017, 9am-5pm
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby, BC
Registration starts June 21, 2016

R:evolution – tradition – technology is a one day ceramics symposium which addresses the ways that contemporary ceramic artists interact with new digital technologies; as a tool for making work, as content addressed in their artistic enquiry, and as a tool for connecting with their peers and the market. At the same time we investigate the relevance of traditional methods and their role in contemporary society.

Ten national and international artists have been invited to share their expertise with students and professionals in the ceramic arts. The topics of presentation cover academic and theoretical topics, as well as providing more practical techniques in areas such as sculpture, hand-building, wheel-throwing, glaze and firing technology and clay bodies. These topics are addressed through numerous simultaneous presentations of images, lectures, demonstrations, critiques, panel discussions and a topical keynote address. Theoretical presentations involve discussions of literature on the medium, including history, contemporary practice and trends in the ceramic arts.

Katrina Chaytor, Sunshine Cobb, Samantha Dickie, Steven Young Lee,
Simon Levin, Aaron Nelson, Ruthanne Tudball, Jason Walker, James
Watkins, Gwendolyn Yoppolo
Special Guests: Brendan Tang, Carol Mayer

Artist in Residence at Colorado Mesa University

CMU offers two residency options in Ceramics, Graphic
Design/Illustration, Printmaking, Painting/Drawing, or Sculpture area.
This is 9-month position with possibility of one-year renewal.

Date of Residency: August 15. 2016 through May 15. 2017.

Application Deadline: Position is open until filled. Priority is given to applications received by Saturday, July 22nd, 2016.

This Artist in Residence program at CMU is a self-directed residency,
which is designed to provide an emerging artist with university
experience based on studio access, teaching opportunities, and studio
management experience, as they make the transition from graduate school
to a professional artistic/educational career.
Furthermore, the program is intended to allow a resident the artistic
research time and space to pursue developing new ideas and create a
body of work while enhancing the art program at Colorado Mesa

Accepted residents will teach 2/2-course load in 2D or 3D design area
the candidate is suitably qualified for or 1/1-course load in 3D
design, CNC router, and 10 hours Technician. Also the AIR will
participate within the area as an informal collaborator and mentor for
students, while working in the common studio space with students.