Aaron Nelson

Maybe it was something in the air at Medalta lately, what with the 1st International Cup show opening and all. But while I was visiting earlier this month, Vipoo Srivilasa who was there for a residency drummed up the idea to put together an International Spoon Competition as well. September saw a new batch of year long residents taking over the studio as well as a number of artists from South East Asia coming over for a visit and a brief month long residency with Vipoo. The energy in the studio was inspiring. So many new artists getting settled in and starting to work and the spoon competition was the perfect thing to get the kilns firing and the creative ideas flowing. Sometimes all it takes is a little something out of the ordinary day to day of your studio practice to open up some new perspectives and ideas. Returning later in the month I saw how this friendly competition really brought the artists together (well that and all the amazing shared meals they created).

So I here by present to you the spoons in the competition. Each is a thing of beauty and interestingly speaks to each artist’s larger art practice. The winner of the competition (judged by those participating) was Teo Huey Min’s lovely spoon. Congrats to you!
But I’m curious…which is your favorite?

James Seet

Jason Desnoyers

Jenn Demke-Lange

Jenna Stanton

Joshua Primmer

Jun Myoung

Krisaya Luenganantakul

Laura McKibbon

Liz Burritt

Naomi Clement

Noriko Masuda

Teo Huey Min

Teo Huey Min

Thomas Cheong

Vipoo Srivilasa