Through a unique linkage, the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, and West
Virginia University have teamed to offer a comprehensive study opportunity
for students and the serious advanced or professional ceramic artist/potter.
The Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute is considered to be China’s finest ceramics
art and design school. We have teamed to offer a study and travel program in
the Peoples Republic of China where students will have the opportunity to
study with some of China’s most prominent teachers and ceramic artists.

Imperial Blue & White Porcelain Capital of Jingdezhen, Qin’s Terra Cotta Army,
Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the hustle and bustle of Shanghai.
Join us for a experience of a lifetime!

China’s roots in ceramic art history are strong and deep. For thousands of
years, Chinese artisans have developed and mastered techniques and artistry
that has set the standard of excellence in ceramics throughout the world.
High fired porcelains, underglaze and overglaze techniques, celadons, copper
reds, temmoku, yaoware carving, ash glazes and tri-colored lead glazes are
just a few of the contributions made by Chinese artisans over the centuries.

Summer Semester 2012
May 24 – June 30
(Dates prices may vary slightly)
6 Credits
Cost: 6-Credits/Tuition and fees: $5900*

This fee covers International airfare, in-country travel, all lodging, food
(an exception being during the Beijing travel portion of the program),
materials, and 6 graduate or undergraduate transferable credits from West
Virginia University.

Fall Semester 2012
September 7 – December 14
(Dates and prices may vary slightly)
12 Credit Hours: Graduate or Undergraduate
Cost: 12 Credits/Tuition and fees $9,900*
6-Credits Studio Ceramics
3-Credits Chinese Ceramic Art History
3-Credits Basic Language and Culture
Participants will be expected to pay for tools not supplied by the program,
brushes, personal acquisitions, and local travel outside of the program.
Students may also be expected to purchase their own meals during the Beijing

This fee covers the entire cost of International airfare, in-country travel,
all program fees, insurance, living accommodations and 12 transferable
credits from West Virginia University.

If you or anyone you may be interested in any of the 2 programs, more
information and applications are available at:

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Hope to see all of you
in Jingdezhen, China!

Shoji Satake
Assistant Professor of Art
West Virginia University
College of Creative Arts
School of Art and Design
Creative Arts Center
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Morgantown, WV 26506
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