NCECA/crafthaus Conference Scholarship Submission FormHow to apply:Copy/paste this form into a word.doc, fill out form and e-mail it to: [email protected] with the reference “NCECA Scholarship.”
Extended Deadline for email application: February 3, 2012

Questions, problems? e-mail [email protected].Judging Criteria:
NCECA Board member Sam Chung will select one scholarship recipient based on a review of images posted on the applicants’ crafthaus pages and brief responses to a short questionnaire (see application form for details).Scholarship Details:

  • Complimentary pass to the 46th Annual NCECA Conference taking place in Seattle, WA from March 28-31, 2012.
  • Push Play catalog.
  • Shuttle tour ticket, enabling the scholar to get to the conference exhibitions.
  • One-year additional NCECA membership once the current membership expires.
  • One-year additional crafthaus membership once the current membership expires.
  • Prominent blogspace on crafthaus for one year. NCECA provides reciprocal blogspace on an NCECA website.
  • NCECA will work with the winning candidate to include him/her in events and meetings with NCECA, staff board and conference presenters.

I. Applicant Contact Information:


Street Address:

City/Zip Code/Countrye-mail:


Eligibility: Application for the scholarship is open to current, enrolled crafthaus and NCECA members (must be current members ofboth organizations) regardless of location or background.Please check:O I am a current, enrolled member with crafthaus and NCECA.II. Blog

The recipient will receive prominent blog space on crafthaus and the NCECA website geared towards the recipient’s field of expertise. Crafthaus and NCECA expect the recipient to blog at least twice monthly.
Blogging topics and timeline:

  • Prior to conference: Introduction to audience, overview of own work, preparations for conference, introduction to conference theme, speakers, exhibitions.
  • During Conference: Daily evening updates on conference experience, such as exhibition review, speakers etc. Note: These blog updates will be brief to enable the scholar to fully concentrate on the conference itself.
  • After conference: Bi-weekly updates starting with continued, further in-depth conference coverage, then moving on to topic of scholar’s choosing as described in application. Continuation of blog for 6-12 months max.

Answer each of the following questions in 200 words or less:

  1. What are your goals as a maker and as a writer?
  2. What kinds of ideas, issues, people and/or work do you want to share through your blog entries?
  3. What personal attributes make you stand apart from other applicants for this opportunity as the NCECA/crafthaus Scholarship recipient?

III. Images:

Your submission will be reviewed from the images you posted to your new or current crafthaus profile solely! All applicants are strongly encouraged to update their photos on the site accordingly. Add new images or delete images that are no longer relevant.Remember to include media information, measurements and all other relevant information with each photo. Update your crafthaus page with relevant educational and/or updated CV information.TAG your photos with your name, media, and other relevant info!!

Submitted by:_______________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________

Deadline for email application: February 3, 2012

e-mail entry to: [email protected], reference “NCECA Scholarship.”