Maybe it’s because Hallmark is shoving candy hearts down my throat, or maybe it’s just because I have such amazing readers…but i reckon it’s time to give a little love back and share some more from the amazing readers of musing with another “Artist of the day” month. Think back to December of 2009 or April of 2009 (wow i let a whole year go by without a month long showcase? Why didn’t you all revolt?!)

So here’s the drill:
You – send me some jpeg images of your amazing (primarily clay based) work; a brief bio or write up about your work; a website link or means for your adoring fans to get in touch with you.
Me – I’ll promise to post an artist a day for the entire month of February. First come, first serve basis. If you send it, it will be posted. This is not juried.

Why? Because it’s a great way for you to get your work shown to a wide audience of art lovers that make up this wonderful and supportive clay community. Plus it makes the blog look extra special gorgeous on a day to day basis. And well, maybe just maybe, there might be a prize in the mix somewhere…..(gotta be in it to win it right?!)

So send your images, etc. ASAP to [email protected]
Please help me out by putting “artist of the day” in the subject line.
And if you know of someone whose work should be shown here, please, please pass this post along.

Alright guys – now it’s in your hands!