Workshop by Paul Andrew Wandless

November 6 & 7, 2010 (Sat./Sun)
10am -3pm

This Workshop will be an introduction to various images transfer techniques for clay. Monoprinting, screening, stenciling, embossing and relief printing onto plaster and clay slabs will be the techniques covered. How to create custom images in screens, linoleum and stencils will be demonstrated as well so participants will be able to make their own printing tools.
Images and designs will be used as a means of personal expression to create the compositions during the workshop. The surfaces will be used as a canvasses for exploration of printed imagery, design, pattern, color and text. The hand building technique used will be soft slab and slump molds to create a variety of forms for imags and designs. Multiple layers of color and images will be created using AMACO underglazes. Discussions on color theory, perspective and principles of design will also be a part of the workshop to aid in the creation of well executed compositions and designs. All levels of experience welcomed.

Wayne Art Center

413 Maplewood Ave
Wayne, PA 19087